I really need to thank my friends Laurie and Kim for the idea. This blog post was based on several conversations I had with them recently/over the years. Ditto for the TEDX talk on this —— First, I’m looking forward to sharing my new head shots and photos (thank you Laurie – you really… Read More

It’s Not About You. It’s About Them

This blog post was born from a Twitter conversation I had with @Vincidia social media team; and Kris Nagel’s video on converting viewers to payers – Thank you for the inspiration! Opinions are my own. ——- Some content creators think the content should stand on its own. Without any analysis to determine what works.… Read More

Information Is…..Sexy

In today’s world, tons of information is being generated every second.  A lot of people hate finding it. They think it’s boring sifting through the data.  To find the good stuff.  Me? I love it. Boolean searches? Swoon.  Using online databases? Google? Duckduckgo? Bring it. Reading the papers/magazines/email newsletters every day? And storing the information… Read More

Sports Broadcasting – Broadcasting via the Net, not TV

Sports is essential in the broadcasting world. Where else would you pay a lot of money for an event that is broadcasted live, captures a certain demographic and, when recorded, diminishes it’s impact? On the other hand, leagues like the NFL realize that the audience is increasingly viewing their product online or via mobile devices.… Read More