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If you don’t get #digitaltransformation and #AI right…Watch out

#AIChat is a Twitter chat.

My guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence (AI) noise.

To help you make sense of the AI world.

On December 13/18, my guest was Shane Fogle (@fogle_shane).

The topic? Artificial intelligence and digital transformation.

Here’s the summary of this AIChat (P.S. Mistakes are mine):

No. The Robot nor Artificial Intelligence will take over the advertising industry (#AIChat summary from November 21/18)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat that helps you demystify the artificial intelligence world.

My guest on November 21st?

Emma Cunningham (@EmmaCunningham is her Twitter handle). An ad strategist.

The topic? Can artificial intelligence and the ad strategist work together?

P.S. Mistakes are mine.