The Robot Could Be Watching You

#AIChat is a 20-30 minute Twitter Chat on artificial intelligence. That cuts through the artificial intelligence noise. To help you make smarter artificial intelligence decisions. On Thursday, February 21, 2019, my guests were Yves Bergquist (Twitter handle: @punkstrategy) and Peter D. Cathy (Twitter handle:@pcsathy) The topic? Artificial intelligence, media and technology. ——- Mistakes are mine… Read More

Marketers. Why are you scared of a robot taking your job?

#AIChat is a 30 minute Twitter chat. Where my guest(s) talk about artificial intelligence. And give you the insights you need to succeed at work. Or in your life. Today’s guest? Katie King (her Twitter handle? @katieeking) The topic? Artificial intelligence and marketing. **** Mistakes are mine **** Here’s Q1 for @katieeking: Why are marketers… Read More

Cupcakes and cocktails.

This is a summary of #AIChat (a 30 minute Twitter chat on artificial intelligence). Where my guest(s) cut through the artificial intelligence noise. On February 12, 2019, my guests? Kerry Harrison (@copywriterkerry) and Richard Norton (@ericbratislava) from @wearetinygiant ( The topic? #AI #cupcakes #alcohol #augmentedcreativity *** Mistakes are mine. *** Here’s Q1 for @ericbratislava and… Read More