Do you have an achilles heel when it comes to artificial intelligence?

#AIChat is a Twitter chat on artificial intelligence. My guest(s) give you actionable ideas you can immediately use at home or work. On April 17th, 2019, my guests for #AIChat were @adlibsoftware and @Adlib_ScottM. The topic? The Achilles Heel of AI (credit goes to team at @adlibsoftware for the topic title and their help with… Read More

Don’t get left behind. Why you need to consider using artificial intelligence and voice assistants (re: marketing)

#AIChat is a Twitter chat on artificial intelligence (AI) My guest(s) cut through the AI noise. To give you ideas you can use. Right now. At work or home. Today’s guest? @therednickm The topic? How artificial intelligence can be used in marketing. P.S. I hate wasting my guest(s) time. And yours. That’s why today’s #AIChat… Read More

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence – what are their roles in neurological issues like ADHD?

#AIChat is a Twitter chat on artificial intelligence. Where my guests cut through the artificial intelligence (AI) noise. To help you make smarter AI decisions at work. Or at home. On March 25th, 2019 my #AIChat guest was @nassaraf. And instead of a live Twitter chat (it was competing with the Apple Event that day),… Read More