Sunday. It’s Time for You to Learn Something New

* Surprise! A bonus post for you. Why? Because you can’t wait until Sunday! *

This is a follow up to my June post (I promised you that I would write about my favorite email newsletters each month):

A) for some reason or another, I’m fascinated by the railway industry. Maybe it’s because I need to go on a vacation. Or I love reading about the railway business. This is one of my favorite email newsletters:

B) I love reading about money and psychology. This website will give you plenty of examples (remember, humans are illogical. The sooner you understand this = everything in the world will make sense to you): and

C) I love reading about the housing/office/industrial market (you’ll get a sense on how well the economy is doing):

P.S. Your client(s) pay you to be their second brain. To take ideas from one area. And apply it to their problems. That’s why you need to learn new things.

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