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Before I post the technology article I thought had an impact on the media and entertainment/TMT world for your weekly round up:

A) thank you, thank you and thank you for reading and talking to me (either through the comments on my website, Twitter account @nickhtang or during #AIChat, my 10-15 minute Twitter chat on artificial intelligence) in 2019. I hope you’ve learned something new this year

B) if you know a college or university student who’s looking for an internship in our industry, please tell them about Sony Pictures Immersive Entertainment, Video Game and VR Internship for spring 2020 (this isn’t a sponsored job post).

Don’t forget to tell them to send their resume and cover letter directly to the VP in charge. Instead of applying online (think of it as a 200 page book. When you apply online, you’re one of the 200 pages in the book. Wouldn’t you rather be the one page that stands out? Then STAND OUT. At least you’ll get an answer –  “yes”, “no” or “no reply” instead of waiting to see whether or not you’ll be invited for an interview. What do you have to lose?)

C) I need you to think big. Go after your dream(s). Whether you want to get:

1) into better shape

2) start a side hustle

3) find a new relationship or enhance your existing one

4) a new job etc

Please take the tiny steps to start now. Your life is so, so short. You’ll never know what will happen to you and

D) here’s technology’s impact on the media/entertainment world this week. Instead of wearing make up or other equipment to age an actor or actress, VFX artists are using technology to do this.

Let’s take this one further – imagine if you created a virtual avatar of the actor or actress (if you use Google, you know it’s being done right now). Who would own their likeness? Their estate? The movie company? Or the tech company who created it?

Either way Hollywood, we’re living in interesting times:

The Irishman, Avengers: Endgame, and the De-aging Technology That Could Change Acting Forever Written by Anthony Breznican in “Vanity Fair.”

It’s time for me to create a QR code.

So I can go after my dream job.

Remember, coffee is your friend.

Carpe diem.

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