Happy early, early, early Thursday!

Happy early Thursday!

This is your early weekly media and technology roundup for this week.

Where I take one item and analyze technology’s impact on the media and entertainment this week.

Let’s start off with this sentence:

Your leisure time is precious.

Everyone wants a piece of it.

That’s why it’s important for the media and entertainment world to capture a bit (or all of your time). To keep you watching their programs. So they can justify their viewer numbers to Wall Street each quarter. Or to have you watch their ads (that aren’t skippable depending on the SVOD you’re watching).

As some viewers spent their leisure time at home and less of it elsewhere, it’s important for the cinema world to capture some of this leisure time (when you have big studio hits, it helps. Ditto for the community aspect of watching a movie).

But to cut costs, you’ll have to merge with others.

That’s why you’ll see movie theaters buying each other out (from the UK to US to Canada to create a North American powerhouse).

Cineworld CEO Moody Greindinger said it best in the article “Scale matters in this business.”

The article? It’s written by Georg Szalai and Abid Rahman:


See you next week (or the week after)!

Have an amazing and positive week!

P.S. If you go to your favorite coffee shop or store to shop (for me, it’s Starbucks and Lululemon), show some love to the staff this week. It could be in the form of a tip, a thank you card or buying them some chocolate (I personally love Godiva but it’s up to you what you want to buy them). Why? Positivity makes the world go around. And everyone can use some positivity this week.


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