Who wouldn’t pay $300-$500 for a running shoe (I would. Guaranteed)?

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Happy Friday! 

A bonus January “Straight Talk with Nick” post.

Before I started on my existing exercise regime (kettlebells on Monday, personal training (CrossFit) on Tuesday, tabata on Thursday, personal training (functional movement) on Saturday and “whatever my personal trainer throws at me” on Sunday), I used to run. A lot.

5k? Yep.

10k? Yep.

1/2 marathons? Yes, please and thank you.

Marathons? 2 is enough

The most important part of running?

Breaking the rules. Oh, how I loved breaking the rules. Disobeying my running instructors by running ahead and looking back at them and the pack (this is theme running through my life. What can I do to make things more efficient (my mindset? Never settle for the status quo)? Cause I only have one life and I want to maximize my time on Earth).

The other important part of running?

Buying the right shoes. Because if you don’t, your leg muscles (and ankles) will start complaining during your long distance runs.

Naturally, I paid over $200 to buy the right shoes. Not only to make sure I won’t get injured, but to use them to stand out amongst the crowd (I personally loved my blue and green running shoes. Perfect for running. And in my daily life when I walked outside with them when I went to do my shopping trips etc).

So I when I saw this article on how some people would hate their friends for wearing the new Nike Vaporfly running shoes, I had to laugh.


1) if the shoes gives you an edge over your competitors or friends, why won’t you wear them (it’s your run and race. You want to do the best you can)

2) if you could afford to pay for them, of course you’d pay for them (I would. Guaranteed) and

3) if your other friends are jealous or get passive aggressive towards you for wearing these, you need new friends (friends bring each other up, not down. They want you to succeed. Similar to people who say to you when you tell them that you shop at Farm Boy (Canada’s equivalent to Whole Foods) that they shop at Walmart for their groceries (the mental note I have when I hear this? Boy, you’re focused on price and so-so quality. When you could spend a bit more to get the best veggies etc)).

It all comes down to the mental words and messages you say to yourself everyday.  Say the right words and spend your energy on your priorities? You’ll succeed. Do the opposite? Ugh.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Lunar New Year!

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