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But first, happy Valentine’s Day!

My gift to you?

The gift of knowledge. 

Ideas that’ll make you think.

I truly believe that if you want to know someone, ask them what they’re reading. Not only will it give you a glimpse of their soul, but if they’re reading a lot, it means that they’re constantly learning something new (I love it when people are learning something new. And they teach what they’ve learned from reading the book(s) to me). And using these ideas to improve their lives.

Here are the books my growing book queue (I’ll give you the reason why I’m reading them. And I’ve provided links in case you wanted to buy the books. No. I don’t get any money if you buy them):

Scott Adams “Loserthink” I love Scott Adams. He makes me think in a different way. To appreciate different viewpoints. To make sure I’m not thinking in 1D. But in 5D.

Gary John Bishop “Stop Doing That S#!%” I’m a big fan of psychology (I don’t have a psych degree, but I’m always curious to see why people do the things they do). A lot of times, I see my clients and friends self sabotaging themselves. With the words they use. With improper mindset. Gary’s book? How to get the proper, positive mindset.

Francesca Gino “Rebel Talent” In summary? Rules are meant to be broken. At work. In your life (my lawyer told me to write this “this doesn’t mean doing illegal things that will ruin your life. Or bad things that will ruin your life or someone else.”) I remember when I started my first summer job in government, a co-worker was proud that he was following the rules to make a good microfiche. When I heard this, I thought to myself “wow. How can anyone stick to the rules and not think of finding an innovative solution that’ll reduce cost and improve efficiency? Because all the client cares about is whether or not he/she can read the numbers on the microfiche. From this, I’ve always adapted the attitude “is there a better way of doing things?”

Robert Cialdini “Influence: Psychology of Persuasion” Face it. Every day, you have to sell your idea to your boss or partner etc. Robert’s book? He’ll help you figure it out.

Brian Moran and Michael Lennington “The 12 Week Year.” Instead of using a 12 month calendar, why aren’t you using a 12 week one? That’ll help you achieve your goal(s) in weeks? Instead of months?  That makes you treat each day as week? Instead of a day? This book will help you can focus on the stuff you want to get done.

Joel Comm “The Fun Formula.” Some of you are stuck in jobs etc that you don’t like. And you’re fearful of taking the leap to achieve greatness. Joel’s book? Focus on the stuff that makes you tick each day (your passions. Your curiosities). Figure that out = you’re 99% on your way to success (this is what I tell my millennial clients everyday when they want to figure out where they want to work)

Jeff Walker “Launch” I love learning new ways to improve my business. Or to find and develop another side hustle/income stream. Jeff’s book? He’ll give me the ideas to succeed.

Lynne McTaggart “The Intention Experiment” Lynne’s title says it all.

Disney Institute and Theodore Kinni “Be Our Guest” Customer service is key to success. Whether you’re working in the retail/hospitality field or in another one, you always want to copy the best. To me, the best is Disney (and Starbucks, lululemon and the Apple store).

Jeffrey Rediger, M.D. “Cured: The Life Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing” My health is important. And I’m always curious to see what I can do to improve my diet etc. So I can stay healthy (for me, staying healthy means I can be there for the people I care for the most).

Anthony Iannario “The Only Sales Guide You Need.” Linked to Robert’s book but ideas you can use so you can get a better job, sell your product to others etc.

Cathy Heller “Don’t Keep Your Day Job.” Why did I buy Cathy’s book? To help me hone my other business ideas.

Jason Kelly “Sweat Equity” If you look at my Twitter bio, I love the gym. It’s my second home cause my trainers push me beyond my limits. Jason’s book? He’ll explain how these fitness trends started and evolved into the trends we’re seeing today. With an emphasis on how VCs see the fitness industry. This is my second or third career pivot point (see? Following your passions/figuring out what you love = your future career).

Felix Dennis “How to Get Rich.” As a History major, I love reading what CEOs have to say on a particular topic (my specialty? Business history. Why? Because the business world is exactly like a Shakespearean play. Filled backstabbing, twists and turns. Plus, no one in my class was doing this (if you think about it, I was already practicing marketing 101. Find a niche that no one is exploring. And learn all I can about it. That’s what I call standing out from the rest. My professors were impressed)). Why? Because they have their unique POV on a subject. And who doesn’t love to learn from CEOs?

Michael A Singer “the untethered soul” I forgot who recommended this book to me on Twitter. Why did I buy it? Spiritual growth.

Stephen Post and Jill Newmarket “Why Good Things Happen to Good People.” The quick summary? If possible, help people. You’ll live a longer life (add on. Your time is valuable. Use your judgement to decide whether or not the person is worth helping).

Shameless pitch

My friend and I work for an ESL/IELTs test center. Every month we see a lot of candidates. And we know which ones are going to succeed. How? We can tell by their mindset the minute we talk to them when we register them. And in the exam room.

Hit the contact button on the top right hand corner of this website for your free 10 minute discovery call to see if we can work together. To help you get the mindset you need to do better on the exam.

Research tip for February 

Google News can give you the big picture on an industry, but I love visiting these business websites: Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Report on Business, or Financial Post. Why? I love reading a reporter’s POV on the topic I’m researching. That leads to other experts who I can talk to in case I have any questions.

Loves of love!

See you in March!

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P.P.S. My favorite Valentine’s Day song (I know someone will ask me sooner or later)? This one from Huey Lewis and the News


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