Straight Talk With Nick (the bonus February edition)

I can’t believe there’s one more week until the end of February!

Thankfully, the sun is shining today (it was off and on in February).

I’m kind of sensing that all you need some motivation or a lift to help you finish the month on a positive note.

Hopefully, these Nickisms will help:

1) God (or the Universe etc) is always sending you signs.

It could be in the form of a song, the words on someone’s hat or shirt (today, I saw the word California on someone’s shirt. Yesterday, it was the word Cowboys (Dallas Cowboys football team). And since I want to get a job in Texas or California as a Technology Sector Analyst, it was the perfect sign that I’m on the right track)), the articles you read (it could be a Twitter link, newspaper, email newsletters etc). Start paying attention to them.

2) Go beyond your comfort zone.

Try something new. It could be as simple as a new route to work. Or more adventurous such as travelling to a new vacation spot. For me? Trying a kale juice (update. It was delicious)

3) Each day = a new day for you

To be awesome, amazing and positive to everyone (at work, at home, with your friends, on social media etc). Think of it as your reboot day. Cause every day is a reboot day.

4) Walks are good for you (this counts as exercise).

If possible, include some nature (trees etc) in your walks. It’ll help you realize that there’s beauty in your life. And it’s right in front of you if you look for it

5) Learn something new each day

It doesn’t have to be something enormous (eg: you discovered the 1 billion digit to PI). It could be something simple as “I never knew that kale is a superfood.”

6) Don’t sweat the small stuff, cause it’s always small stuff and

7) Be the best person you can be

I can guarantee you that someone (it could be at work or through your use of social media) is definitely inspired by you. Looking to you because you have high standards.

Lots of love!

Carpe diem!

P.S. I’ll post the shameless plug in next month’s Straight Talk For Nick email newsletter.


I need you to focus on being the best person you can be today (and everyday).

Go. After. Your. Dream(s).




Author: Research King

My real name is Nick but my clients call me the Research King. Why? Because I love researching and finding information. And they’re literally amazed when I find the information for them. I love analyzing how technology influences the media and entertainment world. Because the media and entertainment industry is constantly changing. And technology is playing a big role in changing it (from CD’s to live-streaming). Finally, I love coffee, going to the gym/working out and anything to do with athletic leisure clothing (I’m a big Lululemon fan). P.S. If you need to follow me on social media: Twitter: @nickhtang Instagram: @the_information_guru

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