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Welcome to March!

And to my monthly Straight Talk with Nick.

Where I write what’s on my mind.

If you live in North America and it’s getting warmer (depending on where you live), it means that spring (and more importantly, summer) is coming soon. Or if you live somewhere else (hello Australia!), you’re heading into fall.

The Takeaway

I will argue that Netflix has had a bigger impact in other industries besides the media and entertainment world.

Believe me, others examine it because it’s the first to be impacted by technology (from the lowly plastic video cassette tape to cloud technology). And to see how they can adapt to it.

If you need proof how Netflix impacts other industries:

A) You’re Not Just Binge Watching Netflix. You’re Having an ‘Experience.’

The key idea for you to remember?

It’s all about the CX (customer experience). From the UI (user interface) you see when you click on the app to how easy it is to sign up or cancel the service. Or to answer their questions or solve their complaints (in the store, email, phone, using an online chat or direct messaging (Facebook Messenger or Twitter)).

Make it easy for your customers and clients to stay with you. 

Because if you don’t, they’ll leave when they find a better choice. 

The perfect customer experience example from my life? Each time I pay off my credit card, one company sends me an email to tell me (and thank me) that they’ve received my payment. The other one? Nothing. Guess which credit card I charge my items on.

B) Meet Night Media: The Dallas Digital Talent Agency Behind Some of the World’s Biggest YouTube Stars  

If you’re an actor (or in a support role), you don’t need to make it in Hollywood anymore. You don’t have to get your face into movies, tv or cable shows or commercials anymore. You can have a career online (YouTube, Netflix etc). That’s why you see talent agents pivoting towards the YouTube and online world and

C) Companies Find Ways to Keep Their Annual Reports From Being a Bore 

The best part about binge watching? Either you can watch all the episodes. Or skip/faster forward through the boring ones. To get to the good stuff. Because your time is precious. And you don’t want to waste it.

Let’s take this idea to a company’s annual reports.

If you own stocks or mutual funds, companies publish these reports so you can find out what they’re doing. And how they’re doing it.

Instead of sending you a paper copy, some companies are sending you a link so you can watch their videos and take their quizzes to keep their shareholders (and you) reading. While keeping a track on which links and videos were opened, so they can make better content. So you’ll keep watching it (yes, it’ll all about the clicks. And how long you watch). 

My research tip of the day

If you want to find out what a company is focusing on in the future, examine their job postings. You’ll find out what they’re doing before anyone else. Even the press.

Shameless plug

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Bonus material

A side note about me:  even though I love reading books, reports, newspapers and emails on my iPad Pro, give me the paper version of a newspaper, magazine, book and letter. Where I can highlight and cut the articles I want to file and refer to in the future. As for the letters/cards – when I receive them from the people I care about, I’ll save the entire thing (envelope, card and stamp) in a folder. So I can re-read them (I do the same thing for emails but to be honest with you, it’s not the same as a reading a card or letter).

Motivational ending

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