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(A) Written by Tom Lucido: 5G will disrupt product design. Here’s what you need to know

I’ll be honest with you. I cover and analyze the artificial intelligence (and technology) world to figure out its impact on the media and entertainment world (and to see how it will impact other industries).

Right now? We’re in peak artificial intelligence PR buzz. Where all you have to do is write the word “artificial intelligence” in your articles and some people will read your article(s).

The same is occurring with 5G to be honest with you.

What I like about Tom’s article? He gives a historical breakdown of the technology (1G to 5G). That’s worth its weight in gold (my apologies for the weird analogy. I haven’t drank my second cup of tea or coffee yet). Ditto for his analysis on the impact of 5G on product design. And

(B) the Canadian media and entertainment sector isn’t innovative. When Netflix arrived in Canada, the incumbents TV and cable networks ignored it (example: when it arrived in Canada, Netflix was available on the AppleTV box. Nothing from the incumbent TV and cable networks).

With Cineworld buying Cineplex (Cineplex is Canada’s #1 movie chain), the producers are worried that their projects won’t be produced or shown on Canadian movie screens. And are asking for the Canadian government to make sure that a certain percentage of screen time is devoted to Canadian films.

I love the answer from Cineworld’s CEO Mooky Greidinger in Susan’s (it’s behind a paywall but the headline says it all) article Canadian filmmakers fret Cineplex sale could diminish support for homegrown films ”[y]ou can have as many rules as you want, but if the audiences don’t want to see a certain movie, they will not see it. … We will make room for every movie that the public will want to see.”

I will add my two cents: technology is impacting the way your audience is watching your film, tv show and content. There’s a good chance that your audience is watching it on an app while they’re on the move. Or at home through the app on their smart tv or through a box like AppleTV.

Also, your audience doesn’t care which country the show comes from. If it’s great content, they will watch it.

If this means that you have to adapt your content for the mobile age, you do it. For instance, instead of one 60 minute show or movie, break it up into four 15 minute ones. So your audience can watch them on their own time.

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