The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope you’re doing fine during the COVID-19 situation.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today:

Your fitness workout for this week

This workout? I found it from Jason Helmes (his Twitter handle? @anymanfitness). No equipment needed. All bodyweight.

It’s a streaming filled world

As cinemas close down, many of you will be watching your favorite film or tv show by using the Internet (streaming).

This article? It’ll tell you how the Spanish and UK telecommunications (telcos) companies are dealing with the situation. The short summary? In Spain = moderate your use. In UK (from BT)? We’re all good. Stream all you want. We can handle it.

The best decision made by a movie studio

Wayne’s headline says it all. Don’t be surprised if every other movie studio decides to do this:

NBCUniversal Breaks Longtime Movie-Theater Window, Offers Same Day-Date Digital Rentals

And ask yourself these questions – if the movie studios find that they will make a lot of money from this, will they:

1) go back to showing their movies on a movie screen and

2) if they do, don’t be surprised if they squeeze the movie chains (eg: AMC Theatres) even more. For instance, if the movie ticket sales are split 70-30 between the movie studio and movie theatre, it could go to 80-20. With the notice to the movie theatre chain that by week 3, the movie can be rented by the movie studio.

Bonus article

With no major league sporting events, sports cable networks need to be creative (here’s an idea: if you love playing the game Jenga with your friends, see if you can sell the rights to the networks 😉

ESPN Unveils Plan for Dealing With Sports Shutdown (the article is behind a paywall but Benjamin’s opening paragraph under his headline says it all).

Feedback? Comments? Suggestions?

You know what to do 🙂

Motivational ending

Don’t forget to check in on your friends, neighbors and relatives.

If you know anyone who’s working during covid-19, think of doing something small, such as bringing their recycling bins and garbage cans to the side of their garage door so they don’t have to do this (they’re going to be tired).

Stay safe.

Stay strong.





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