The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of The Three. Le Trois. El Tres.

Let’s keep this short cause you have a lot of work to do.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today:

The need for speed

The real sports world has shut down. The virtual sports world picks up. Not only does this mean that you keep your fans happy, but it gives you an opportunity to experiment to see what your fans want (definition of virtual sports = using software like iRacing, Twitch etc and the Internet that allows your fans to participate in your event. Without leaving their home).

The key lesson? Every sports league is a technology platform (if you don’t work in the sports industry, the key lesson applies to your industry as well)

NASCAR’s Esports Boss: At Our Core We’re a Technology Platform

Uh. I don’t think so

As cinemas are shut down, movie companies are renting their latest movies to you. Directly (or using devices like AppleTV). In some cases, allowing you to rent the movie for $20. But as you can see from the article, not that many people are willing to pay this price:

Cost to Rent a Theatrical Release at Home Is Three Times the Public’s Ideal Price Point

Are cookies good? Yes or no?

I’m not talking about the cookies you eat. I’m writing about the ones you accept on a website. There’s a big debate going on in the privacy world as to whether or not the minute you click on the “accept” button that it means you’ve sold your personal information to the company.

What industries have the most variability when using advertising cookies?

Stay at home workout of the day 

It’ll take 10-15 minutes of your day.

High knees (30 seconds)

Break for 30 seconds

Squats (30 seconds)

Break for 30 seconds

Boxing (30 seconds. Think jabs in the air etc)

Break for 30 seconds.


Are you using the proper form or technique during your home workouts? 

Coach Rachel is my personal trainer. And she’s the best because without her help, I would have never got to the fitness level I’m at the moment.

And as your gym is closed and you need to do social distancing if you decide to do your workout outside, a lot of you are doing your workouts from home. And there’s a good chance that you’ll need someone to make sure you’re not hurting yourself with improper form and too advanced movements.

If I were you, I’d message Coach Rachel so she can help you figure out whether or not you’re using the correct technique and proper form.

An added plus? She won the Ottawa Health Wellness Expo Leadership in Health 2020 award in the Best Personal Trainer category (she beat a lot of trainers to get this award).

Click on the link to message her Functional Badass

Motivational Ending

Your dream(s) are important.

Love you all!

And thank you for reading this!

See you on Thursday!

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