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Why would you go back to the gym to exercise?

As you know, I love to exercise. And even though I’ve been taking it easy for the past week or so (I’ve been pushing hard exercising 5 days a week for the past two years. It’s time that I give my body a break), I doubt I’ll be going back to the gym once COVID-19 is over and I’m pretty sure (with the exception of Saturday, where I will keep my coach), I will be cutting all the other classes and trainers and doing the workouts on my own (I’m the person who loves to figure things out. To break the existing models to make them better. And more efficient).

One of the things I’m considering? Virtual fitness classes. Where I do my workouts on my time. Not on the gym’s time. Nor personal trainer’s time. One of the items I’m researching? Tonal (I love their business model. And their equipment. If you have any other ideas for me, let me know in the comments section and I’ll examine them).

Using satellite trunks to gather live news is so 20th century

It confuses me why a TV or cable network would use a ENG truck to gather their news when a reporter’s iPhone would work just as well.

In case you want to read an article about this: News: Live Feeds Have Never Been Easier (it’s a bit on the technical side but it’s a great read).

Turn your sports programming into something new

It could be a reality TV sports show, maybe something focused on the technology side of sports or borrowing from the fashion or food industry by re-packaging your old shows into something new.

Sport on hiatus: How media minds are adjusting to their new virtual reality

Stay at home workout

Even though these exercises are categorized as rehabilitation exercises, you should be practicing these weekly or daily. Why? The less injuries you have now = a more healthier you. Besides, it’s fun doing toe curls with a towel (try it).

Motivational ending 

Always practice positive paranoia. That things will work out for you (Bernard Beitman)




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