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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend!

And that you’re doing well during COVID-19.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today.

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Love you all.

Carpe diem!


Using Instagram to taste wine? Why not?

When you go shopping or outside for a run or walk, you’ll automatically stand 2 meters (or around 7 feet) from another person or group to maintain your physical distance during this COVID-19 crisis.

Not only has this impacted on your life but think about the people who love to do wine tastings. Instead of doing this in person or at a winery, a lot of them are using Instagram to taste wine virtually with each other (I’m not talking about posting pictures and describing the taste. It’s been done in real time).

Why are you going in person to audition for a play? Why not use YouTube?

Remember “American Idol?” Where you saw a lot of people waiting outside to audition for a spot in front of the judges? What happens if you did this using YouTube? Or another platform? Well, the Apollo Theatre is doing this for their amateur night (it’ll be interesting to see if the reality TV world will start doing this. Oh, the article is behind a paywall)

Everyday is PJ day 

While I’m typing in my pajama’s (no, I’m not going to tell you what type of PJ’s I’m wearing. That’s just TMI), Hollywood is doing the same (remember, physical distancing. That means you have to use your home as a studio. Not a studio soundstage). Need proof? This article will give you some hints on how to do this Hollywood.

Stay at home workout of the day

When I DM’ed this to my unofficial tabata and kettlebell group, one of the participants replied “it’s a killer Coach. Thanks!”

100 squats

100 push-ups (chest to floor, I will accept modified pushups (using your knees))

100 sit-ups

Repeat this 10x.

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