The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re adapting to working from home.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today.

Plus your Stay at home workout.

Thanks again for reading this!

Love you all.


Stay at home workout

If you have a big screen tv, play the 4K walking tour videos in this article and start walking (don’t be surprised if you see tour and travel companies start doing this to whet your appetite for travel once the COVID-19 situation is over).

It was bound to happen

Forget about podcasting. Why aren’t you using your Google Voice Assistant for live streaming?

Time to pivot

In case you need some articles on how some industries are pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis (keep in mind that I’m writing this close to my lunch time = lots of restaurant examples):

A) In Japan, the bullet train is being used to carry parcels

B) Ideas for the restaurant industry:

1) if you’re a food supplier, sell groceries directly to the people

2) if you’re a restaurant, start a grocery service 

C) What does a travel influencer do when she can’t travel? And

D) Are sneaker heads buying or not?


Nellie’s headline says it all: Coronavirus Ended the Screen-Time Debate. Screens Won.


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