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Walking down the yellow brick road

Digital technology has impacted the sports broadcasting world. How? Your fans aren’t sitting in front of the TV. They’re watching your sporting event on their mobile phone through an app. Or watching it live through live streaming (live streaming means that your fan is watching your sporting event that’s being broadcast by using the Internet).

One of the problems the media and entertainment world is facing? Whether or not to continue to copy everyone else in going the over the top (OTT) route. Or do something different (go all digital).

One solution? Copy the sports programming world (notice their problem? Too many games. Not enough time in the TV or cable sports networks schedule) and start using the digital option to keep your fans happy:

Sports Streaming Could Grow in Wake of Coronavirus

P.S. If your workplace isn’t digital, you need a new workplace.

You win some, you lose some

I love exercising and figuring out which clothes I need to wear during my workouts (it’s because my old fitness clothes don’t fit me anymore as I’ve gained muscle).

That’s why I pay attention to the retail world.


It’s nice to see who understands the athletic leisure clothing trend.

And who doesn’t (don’t get me started on why I know Eddie Bauer is in trouble because they introduced leggings).

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of retailers going bankrupt.

Which means that there’s going to be a lot of changes at your favorite mall.

CRE’s Potential Winners and Losers in a Virus-Hit World (CRE stands for Commercial Real Estate)

Start moving (Stay at Home Workout of the day)

Do you need some exercise ideas?

There’s lots of virtual fitness classes for you to consider (when you read this and the Motivational Ending section, it’ll motivate you to get some exercise):

Gym Closed because of Coronavirus? Try Virtual Fitness Classes

Motivational Ending

During this quarantine period, you have no excuse for learning something new. Or to get in shape. Why? Because you have no interruptions.


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