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Here are the three articles that caught my eye today!

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Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

As technology impacts the media and entertainment world, it needs to see what others are doing so they can learn from them.

One of the industries they should be looking at?

The beauty industry.


1) it’s similar to the media and entertainment world (especially linear TV and cable) because they’re chasing a specific age group and

2) the industry needs to create interesting stories so their fans will continue to watch and buy their products (in my opinion, this doesn’t mean chasing the next shiny ball, such as TikTok. It means focusing on creating the best story or video on your existing social media channels).

The key idea? Learn from Nudestix founder Taylor Frankel “the brand treats IGTV “as a library of educational content for our followers.”

The rebirth of IGTV

Change your shoes?

The lesson from Jacob’s article (it’s behind a paywall)? Find and wear some inside shoes. Doing this could improve your productivity.


Did you know that 72% of Chinese film fans are looking forward to seeing a movie (China’s movie cinemas have been closed for three months)?

Other key ideas from Patrick’s article?

59% were focused on health precautions

58% on ticket price discounts

40% is focused on the quality of the movie

More details are here:

Moviegoers in China Eager to Return to Cinemas, Survey Says

Stay at home workout of the day

1 round. Do these exercises 80x, except for the last item:

A) squats

(B) air punches (punch in and out = 1)

(C) mountain climbers (run in and out = 1)

(D) chest press (if you have kettlebells, use two of them. If you have none, find a knapsack and fill it with books)

(E) squats with weight (use a kettlebell or knapsack filled with books (strap the knapsack to the front)

F) two handed swings (if you don’t have a kettlebell, use a knapsack filled with books)

(G) 120 hip bridges (remember, squeeze your glute muscles).

Motivational Ending

Ask yourself this question:

Are you a coyote who follows procedures?

Or the roadrunner who experiments?

Idea based on page 44 of “Beep! Beep! Competing in the Age of the Road Runner” by Chip R. Bell and Oren Harari

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