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1) The faster you pivot, the faster you’ll succeed

This pandemic will change a lot of industries. The first one? Your local store (restaurant, fashion etc). Why? First, some of these businesses weren’t profitable in the first place. And they’ll end up closing. Second, some of the landlords aren’t deferring or forgiving their tenants rent (key lesson? Always have cash on hand. And try to save up more than six months rent) And third, the inability to pivot to an online store (eg: bars changing into grocery delivery services).

Take notes when you read this article. Think about your situation. Do you have  the ability to pivot or change?

‘When your doors are forced closed, online is the only way into your business’

2) Thank you

Please thank your network engineer etc who are maintaining your Internet connection so you can work during this pandemic (ditto for all the front line services people. From the grocery clerk and cashier, trucker delivering your food, warehouse team making sure your package is on it’s way to you all the way to the doctors and nurses):

She Babysits the Internet During Coronavirus Crisis to Keep You Productive

3) Throw out your old playbook

Technology’s impact on the sports broadcasting world?

A) The rise of electronic sports events (e-sports) being used by sports teams to keep their fans happy and

B) Using a DTC (Direct To Consumer) model bypassing the sports cable networks. That means using Twitch as their substitute cable network station.

“The playbook hasn’t changed”: How Twitch is keeping sports connected during the coronavirus hiatus

Stay at Home Workout of the Day

If it’s sunny where you are, go outside to get some vitamin D. Even it’s to and from your driveway.

Motivational Ending

“Play to your strengths. If you use them daily, you are six times more likely to get satisfaction out of your job and have less stress and anxiety.” “Rebel Talent” by Francesca Gino, page 156

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