The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Wednesday!

How has your day been?

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today.

I love you all!




1) All done!

My niece says this all the time because she’s at that age where she’s curious about everything. And ruthlessly efficient as well.

Speaking of efficiency, did you know that a lot of germs lurk in a TV studio? And there’s a disinfectant that kills COVID-19 germs in two minutes?

Disinfecting Studios In the Age of COVID-19

2) Where the writing on the wall doesn’t write itself

If this website doesn’t receive a message in 24 hours, it will self destruct:

This website will self destruct

3) Welcome back. To the movie theater.

Yes. You can expect more cleaning after the pandemic is over. Plus 6 feet/2 metre seat distancing. Besides, you want to go back to buy the buttered popcorn 😉

Reopening Hollywood: How Theater Chains Will Try To Restore Customer Confidence In Moviegoing

P.S. I’m more interested on the technology side of the theater, especially the cybersecurity software being used to secure the link between the movie studio and movie theatres (that’s tech’s impact on the entertainment world – someone out there is willing to steal the latest movie for free).


Stay at Home Workout

Instead of a workout, here’s a lasagna recipe (it must be 5pm somewhere in this world. Which means you need to prep for dinner):

Gourmet Vegetarian Lasagna

Motivational Ending

Everyone is a MacGyver.

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