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These are the three articles that caught my eye today (at least one is on how tech impacts the entertainment world (my specialty). The others? If the headline caught my eye and I read the article, I’ve included it in this email newsletter).

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1) Electrifying

Are you sleeping in more? Waking up later? And going to sleep later after watching your favorite Netflix show? Your new habits are reflected in the amount of electricity that’s being used around the world (key summary? 8AM – 9AM is the new 6AM – 8AM).

The COVID-19 lockdown lifestyle: Sleeping in, staying up late and more Netflix

2) It’s all about the monthly fees

What do Netflix and Costco have in common? They rely on their fees (Netflix = monthly. Costco = yearly) to generate some of their profits (key lesson? Offer a compelling product. People will sign up).

And that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment field: using technology to gain an edge over everyone else (Netflix vs their competitors; I won’t bore you analyzing Netflix’s latest quarter. Why? Everyone else has done this).

Netflix’s Accidental Coup

3) It’s the bot 

As in using software to help you book a delivery slot at your favorite grocer:

Developers are creating grocery bots to nab Whole Foods delivery slots the moment they open up


Bonus article

4) Using artificial intelligence to help a hospital determine which patients get a bed or other treatment will help hospital teams solve their patient’s problems faster:

AI Can Help Hospitals Triage COVID-19 Patients

Stay at Home Workout of the Day

10 air punches

10 push-ups

10 squats

Repeat 4x

Motivational Ending 

“I am worthy of a good life.” (Repeat this to yourself throughout the day).

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