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Happy Tuesday!

If it’s sunny, don’t forget to go outside to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today!

Stay safe, strong and healthy!

I love you all!




1) Shoes or socks?

As you’re working from home, some of you may be wearing shoes (I’m not one of them. I’m more of a sock person). My question to you, what type of shoe (or sock) are you wearing?

Challenge your social media followers to post their favorite shoe or sock. And tag everyone so they can participate in this.

Inspired by this article (it’s behind a paywall but you get the idea):

We Asked Which House Shoes You Wear and Boy, Did You Answer

2) Bye, bye glasses

Tech’s impact on the entertainment world? More 3D, augmented reality or virtual reality shows or programs. The negative side? If you wear glasses like me, you’ll need to wear a headset or another pair of glasses on top of your original glasses to see what’s going on.

This invention? It’ll allow you to watch 3D without having to buy another pair of 3D glasses (if the virtual reality (VR) world adapts this, everyone will love watching VR shows or programs):

NHK developing ‘glasses-free’ 3D TV system

3) To test or not to test, that is the question

The key idea from Matthew’s article?

“[R]equiring high-school students to pass an exit exam to graduate, lead to lower rates of arrest.”

Matthew’s article will make you think.

High-School Exit Exams Are Tough on Crime


Stay at home workout

If there’s a walking trail or sidewalk (and it’s sunny outside), see if you can go outside for a walk or gentle run. Don’t forget to practice social distancing of 2 metres or 6 feet.


Motivational Ending 

“What we hear is often heavily based on what we see.” Jeffrey Rediger, M.D. in “Cured,” page 836.

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