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Here are the three articles that caught my eye today!

Stay safe, strong and healthy!

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P.S. “When it comes to selling your ideas is that you must actually BELIEVE IN THEM…When you’re doing work that doesn’t belong in your life, it feels wrong.” Ash Ambirge, page 152, “The Middle Finger Project”

P.P.S. My apologies if I spelt Ash’s last name wrong in my email newsletters.


1) Ugh. What’s a social media influencer? 

No. You can’t make a decent living or wage being a social media influencer. Not even on TikTok:

The Promise—and Risk—of a Career in TikTok

2) Happy Cinco de Mayo day!

You can join Mario Lopez on Instagram Live at 7pm EST for a live salsa dancing lesson. Proceeds supporting UnidosUS.

Tostitos gives salsa dancing lessons with Mario Lopez on Instagram Live

* Marketing lesson 101. Adapt to the mood of your audience.

3) YouTube. Your next sports channel?

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world, especially the sports broadcasting world? Using YouTube to broadcast your next games:

Will the Premier League resume on YouTube?

* The lesson? When it comes to broadcasting your sports game or program, you need to reach the teenagers and millennials to grow your audience. They are probably watching their programs on YouTube.


ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

If you want to advertise your beauty product to the 20-30 age group in China or anywhere else, place your ad in an esports (electronic sports) competition. That’s where you’ll find them. And make lots of money.

Esports emerges as in-demand beauty marketing channel


Stay At Home Workout

40 minutes of:

40 jumping jacks

40 chest presses (if you don’t have any dumbbells, use bands, vinegar or laundry detergent jugs, cans of soup, 2L pop bottles, knapsack filled with books, a heavy book or anything you can get your hands on)

40 hip bridges


* don’t forget to break this down into units of 5 or 10 as you get tired. Take breaks if you need them.

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