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P.S. “Your job is to figure out a problem you enjoy solving, and then propose to solve it.” Ash Ambirge, page 182 The Middle Finger Project


1) The future has arrived

I love pizza. It has the perfect amount of carbs and calories. Now I don’t have to see if the pizza restaurant is open to get my pizza fix. I can go to an automated pizza oven kiosk that can make it for me:

Automated Pizza Oven Concept ‘PizzaForno’ Plans to Open Thousands of Locations

2) It’s about the pipe

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

1) viewers like us are watching more programs using the Internet (Netflix, YouTube etc)

2) it’s pushing the pipes (cable and fiber optic) and the networks to their limits (notice that there hasn’t been any outages during this pandemic) and

3) investors see this as a way to make money (data isn’t the new oil. Fiber optic and cell phone towers are the new oil. The article is behind a paywall):

Property Investors See Fiber-Optic Cables as ‘Railroads of the Future’

Oh. I’m not an investment advisor. This isn’t investment advice. You need to talk to a qualified advisor to see if this is right for you (my lawyer made me write this)

3) Bye, bye gym. Hello convenience.

It takes 45 days to create a new habit. In that time, I’d thought I’d miss the gym when it had to close down during the pandemic.

I don’t.

And I’m one of those people who won’t be going back when it re-opens.


1) I’ve pivoted to an online paid* fitness classes with Coach Wayne.

If I miss the his live workouts, I can take them on my own time.

2) there’s no way any gym can guarantee that it’s going to be safe. Even with all the extra cleaning it does (I can’t depend on the clients at the gym to clean the equipment after they use it).

3) it’s going to be hard breathing through a mask during a fitness or personal training class.

As Home Workouts Rise During Coronavirus, Gyms Sweat

* the minute someone offers free fitness classes (or free anything IMO), they’re devaluating themselves.


Stay At Home Workout 

In 20 minutes = abs of steel.

Burn fat and sculpt your core at once in less than 20 minutes.


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