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P.S. Be like Kramer from “Seinfeld.” He proves that it’s better to try. Than to wonder “why if?”


1) Yes, soup cans can be used as dumbbells

Love you America!

The most innovative country in the world!

If you have two soup cans and you want to turn them into a dumbbell weight:

This quarantine cans-as-dumbbell device turns your food hoarding into gains

2) Food on demand

First it was burgers, then your favorite food.


Airline food.

Delivered to your home:

Some people miss travel so much that they are ordering airplane food delivered to their home

3) It’s better late than never (p.s. it’s too late)

I have to give an A+ to the cinema world. It’s hard to make money while your cinemas are empty. And you need to find a way to keep your fans happy. So they’ll come back once the pandemic is over.

While video on demand (VOD. The short summary? You can access the films by using the Internet when you have time) is a great start, everyone is already watching Netflix (that’s why it’s number one right now).

The questions I’m asking?

(1) Is this too late for the movie cinema world (yes it is) and

(2) will audiences go back once the pandemic is over (I doubt it. It takes 45 days to create a new habit. Everyone has their new entertainment habit).

Alamo Drafthouse Launches Curated VOD Platform Alamo On Demand


Stay at home workout

Grab two wine bottles (or soup cans, pop bottles, anything with a handle on it)


  1. Shoulder presses
  2. Flys 
  3. Bicep curls

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