The Three. El Tres. Le Trois

Happy Tuesday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Have a positive and amazing day!

I love you all!




1) The score so far? Humans: 15 billion. Algorithm: 0

Us humans are a pesky bunch. 

Not only can we adapt to any situation faster than an artificial intelligence (AI) software but the AI software can’t adapt to us during this pandemic.



Our weird behavior during the pandemic is messing with AI models

2) It’s not Rosie the robot maid, but it’s close

This is the perfect example of what I tweeted about when I wrote that the entertainment world needs to borrow from the retail world:

The retail world leads every industry when it comes to using technology.

Especially when it comes to DTC (direct to the consumer. DTC means that the company is selling directly to you. Without using a retail store, wholesaler etc).

Notice the use of:

  1. Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to serve their guests and answer their questions and 
  1. Automated kiosks to buy your tickets.

I will bet you a billion dollars that all the cinema companies around the world are looking to South Korea to see how they can cut their costs. While making sure you’re safe if you decide to watch a movie.

Korean Cinemas Test Contact-Free Tech for the Post-Coronavirus Era

3) It’s all about your hair

I’ll wait to go back to my barber instead of buying the Barber Eliminator (at least my barber will have a lot of fun cutting my overgrown hair).

High-Tech Gadgets to Help With Home Hair Care 


Stay at Home Workout

It’s triceps and abs day!


Blast Your Arms and Abs At Once with the Archer-Position Bodyweight Skullcrusher

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