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Happy (checks calendar) Thursday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today!

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P.S. Wake up and be awesome (say this on Friday morning).


1) Buy*

Forget about buying technology or any other stock/index fund.

Buy mannequins (lots of stores are going bankrupt. You can probably get them at a cheap price. Use your old clothes to dress them).

Then rent them out to restaurants (so they can fill the empty tables due to physical distancing), sports teams (they need spectators to fill their stands) or use them yourself (example? You’re taking the subway. And you don’t want anyone to take the seat next to you during this pandemic):

Inn at Little Washington Chef Will Fill His Socially Distanced Dining Room With Midcentury Mannequins

* I’m not an investment advisor. This isn’t investment advice. If you have any investment questions, ask a qualified investment or financial advisor. *

2) One software

Don’t you hate it when you try to convert a Microsoft Word document into an Apple Pages document and the format gets screwed up?

This doesn’t happen in the pandemic dashboard world (one standard = everyone benefits):

The Software That’s Powering All the Coronavirus Dashboards

3) Going live

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

More live-streaming: gaming, concerts.

That’s why Twitch has grown (1.645 billion hours watched so far):

The lockdown live-streaming numbers are out, and they’re huge


Stay at home workout

Hello pushups!

Build A Perfect Chest With This Simple Bodyweight Workout


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