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P.S. Do you want to succeed? Systems over goals (my apologies for the swear word in the headline):

The Creator Of ‘Dilbert’ Will Teach You A Shit Load — Here’s What He Taught Me.


1) Mindset

After the pandemic is over, new jobs will be created.

Here’s some of them:

1) The coronavirus cleaning boom is coming (cleaning and temperature testing)

2) Reopening U.S. Economy Will Mean Creating All Kinds of New Jobs (thermal scanners and contact tracers)

3) The need to go is a big barrier to going out. Why public bathrooms are a stumbling block for reopening. (bathroom monitor)

2) Lidar me this

Lidar is the same as a radar. Except it uses pulsed laser light instead of microwaves (it’s used in automated vehicles (AV). To help the software detect if there’s anything in front of it. If there is, the AV stops).

Imagine its use in your smartphone:

1) more depth to your photos or

2) it will create a 3D image of you in augmented reality (AR) so you can see and talk to someone else in real time. Without using Zoom conference software etc:

Lidar Startup Lumotive Makes Three-Pronged Pivot

3) Slowly loading 

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

Faster loading of your favorite TV show on Netflix etc.

With no lag time (know as latency):

Low latency = high quality of experience


Stay at home workout

There’s lots of workouts for you to do:

Youtube Workouts for Every Activity and Fitness Level


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