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1) Test

Do you love sitting alone?

So you can figure out what’s going on the Universe?

If you said “yes”, NASA needs you as a test subject:

2) Talk to the plexiglass. 

When it comes to class, universities and colleges have a choice for their students this fall:

1) go 100% online

2) a mixture of online and in person classes or

3) attend class while their professors speak behind plexiglass:

Teaching Behind Plexiglass? Colleges Wrestle With Details of Resuming In-Person Classes

P.S. Option 4? Take a year off (gap year). Go back to class in 2021. If you need job ideas, I wrote about it in yesterday’s letter.

3) What can’t Zoom do?

Imagine you’re the music producer of a tv show. The pandemic has shut down your sound stage. Your musicians work from home. How do you make music for your show? And keep everyone on track?

By using Zoom conferencing software. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world.

P.S. Take notes. Why? Because you can apply the ideas at work:

Making music at a distance


Stay at home workout

Enjoy the Memorial Day long weekend!

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