The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy Thursday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Have a positive day!

I love you all!



P.S. Opportunity = simply a matter of seeing it first.


1) Out: pools. In: stock tanks

Forget about buying a pool.

Buy a stock tank – it’s a small steel tank that allows animals to drink water from it.

When you post it on your Instagram account, your friends will be jealous:

No Pool? Stock Tanks Are the Cool New Alternative.

2) Inside the car

Remember when you decided to park your car out in the sun?

And cracked an egg on the hood to see how it would take to cook it?

It’s the same idea except it’s for the inside of you car – it kill 99% of the Covid-19 germs. At 56 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes (make sure you’re not inside):

Ford’s new tech can cook the coronavirus out of a car’s interior

3) Beep, beep

One of my favorite brands is Peloton.

Why? Because:

(1) the company makes bike riding fun (I will buy one. It’s on my list)

(2) I can exercise on my schedule and

(3) it knows that there’s no sports being shown on cable sports networks. It’s taking advantage of it by hosting it’s own bike-a-thon on ESPN:

Peloton takes a ride on ESPN

Bonus article

Your new dating idea?

Make a reservation at your favorite store (this might happen as stores re-open. And they need to find a way to keep their clients and staff safe):

Retailers are testing out reservation-like appointments


Stay at home exercise

10 bicep curls

10 jumping jacks

10 ab curls

Repeat 4x.


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