The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Happy FriYaY!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

Have a great weekend!

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P.S. Stay healthy.

P.P.S. A shout out to Coach Wayne – that was a tough class today (one of the best investments I made during this pandemic when the gyms had to close).


1) Look into my eyes

I wear glasses.  I love visiting my optometrist but I wish there was an online option: one that could use my iPad Pro’s camera to do the eye exam and measure my head if I need a new pair of glasses. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to tell me which frames and lens I need.


It’s here (you’re not dreaming):

Cubitts’ AI eyewear revolution

2) Look inside the box

Do you miss eating at your favorite restaurant during this pandemic?

Ask if they have their own DIY (do it yourself) meal kit:

Cook-It-Yourself? Restaurants See Future for Meal Kits Postpandemic.

NB: if restaurants did this + ghost kitchen = they will thrive.

3) Faster than the Road Runner

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

You can watch or download your favorite song or show even faster.

NB: a router or smartphone using Qualcomm’s new computer chips will allow you to use the 6GHz spectrum. Spectrum that doesn’t have to be shared with others (eg: 5GHz):

Qualcomm’s first Wi-Fi 6E chips are here


Stay at home workout

No workout today!

But lots of tips on how you can help your immune system (healthy immune system = healthy you):

6 Habits That Help Boost Immune System Function





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