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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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1) Wait. No pizza on Fridays?!?!

If you decide to continue to work from home, your manager etc might give you access to a gym, meditation or other medical apps to help you cope with your work and family life:

No More Pizza Fridays: Companies Find New Perks for the Remote Worker

2) Patenting your artificial intelligence (AI) idea

The short summary?

Link your solution a practical application (eg: if you create an artificial intelligence solution to help the tea industry find the best tea leaves), you’ll have a good chance of patenting your invention.

Other tips below:

Protecting AI and machine-learning inventions

3) It’s about time

You shouldn’t keep all the information when you should be sharing it with others to help them find a better solution.

That’s why technology companies can pivot and take market share away from the entertainment industry (and it’s because they’re fast imo).

On the plus side, at least the two sides will be working together when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI):

DPP and Digital Catapult launch AI initiative


Shameless plug:

If you have a Twitter account, join me on Thursday, June 11th, 2020 11AM ET for #AIChat (it’s a 10-15 minutes Twitter chat on artificial intelligence).

My guest? Nige Willson.

The topics?

A) how did he start his #AI career and

B) how can We and AI help CEOs etc make better AI decisions?


Stay at home workout

Do some deep squats:

How Squatting Deeper Can Lead to More Gains




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