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Here are the three articles that caught me eye!

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P.S. Winners act. Losers complain. Which one are you?


1) $$$

Besides using their frequent flyer programs as a collateral to get a bank loan, airlines are selling their art holdings as well:

British Airways to sell artworks worth millions by major British stars in bid to save costs during covid meltdown

2) It’s on Twitch. Not Netflix

Your next entertainment platform?

Twitch (it’s focused on e-sports/gaming).


A) games have plot lines: start, middle and end (similar to a TV show etc)

B) you can see in real time who’s watching and playing the game and

C) it’s a young audience whose playing the games. Advertisers want to reach them.

Bounty targets gamers with Twitch influencer campaign

3) Out of time?

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

Everyone wants a piece of your leisure time.

Combine the second article with this one = you have the big picture.

Inside Barcelona’s push to compete with Netflix and Fortnite, not just soccer’s other superclubs

P.S. DTC (Direct to the Consumer). That’s how you find your audience who wants to pay for your product.


Stay at home workout

Why would I go back to the gym when I have all that I need by doing my exercises online?

The article is behind a paywall but if you can find a hardcopy of it (see if your library has access to the Wall Street Journal), you’ll have all the exercises you need to stay fit:

Ready for a New Workout? Here Are Four

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