The Three. Le Trois. El Tres


Happy Thursday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S. Lead with purpose.


1) Exercising

Why should I wear a mask, figure out if the equipment has been cleaned and practice the 6ft/2M rule at a gym when I can:

A) go online to buy the equipment

B) take online classes and

C) have the technology evaluate and adjust my workouts to make it tougher?

Tempo Connected Home Gym Ensures Perfect Form Workouts

2) Branding 101

Find a way to demo your passion and knowledge before you need to do something (eg: get a new job, dating, going to college/university etc).


It proves to your future manager/date/university selection committee/professor that you’re passionate about something.

Combined this with Twitter (I’m biased. I love Twitter because you have to be concise so everyone can grasp your idea in 1 second) = 1-2 combination.

Read the article. Take notes (the ideas be applied to any social media platform):

How Social Media has Changed the Way We Raise Equity

P.S. The best part of having a your own website?


(1) control the narrative and

(2) learn other skills: SEO (search engine optimization), marketing (posting to social media to get publicity; analysis: to see what’s working and what’s not), communicating your ideas.

Skills you can add to your resume.

3)  CC (Closed Captioning) 

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the words you see when you pick the CC option on your smart TV.

AI Gains Traction In Captioning Market


Stay at home workout

Being strong and fit projects confidence and competence.

Here’s a 1000 rep challenge that’s inspired by Coach Wayne (he did this in his online fitness class on Wednesday).

Change the numbers and exercises to suit your needs:

10 exercises.

100 reps:

(1) squats (2) Russian twist (3) jumping jacks (4) lunges (50 per leg) (5) snatch (50 per arm) (6) push-ups (7) sit-ups (8) burpees






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