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P.S. Companies are still hiring during this pandemic. Here’s two ways you can get your dream job:



1) Tune in from home

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

You can cheer on your favorite sports team from home. By recording your cheer, sending it to the broadcaster, who will combine it with others in one audio stream.

So you can hear your voice in the empty stadium:

Football fans will help fill empty stadiums with noise as tech startup will broadcast audio streams of people cheering and booing during the game while watching at home

2) Uh, no

If this happened, I’d be poking holes in the pod:

This California Gym Set Up Personal Pods for Exercisers to Reopen

3) Talking about my generation

The housing industry has figured out that many multi-generational family members want to live in one home. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you:

Multi-generational housing is a growing trend that’s back, with a new twist


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