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Happy Monday!

If it’s warm where you are, drink lots of water!

I love you all!



P.S. Fear is a great motivator to help you reach your goal(s).


1) AirBnB for your pool

My headline says it all:



I’m curious to see if this is the next evolution when it comes to treating diseases. Or if it’s back to the status quo (let’s hope it’s the next evolution when it comes to treating diseases):

In a landmark decision, FDA greenlights a video game for kids with ADHD

3) FYI

The short answer? It’s great to build a relationship with your reader.

The long answer? It won’t work because some people like using social media (eg: Twitter) to get their news. And interacting with the reporter who wrote the article.

P.S. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. Your audience has all the tools it needs to stay in touch with you. Focus on the ones they use.

Publishers Try Sending News by Text


Stay at home workout:

When you work on your mobility and flexibility, your body will thank you:

Improve Your Movement and Ease Joint Pain With Mobility Training

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