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Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye today!

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1) Tag

I could have commented on how Amazon is entering the linear TV world (they have job postings) or the record streaming records being broken in the UK.

Instead, I will write about set security. And how it’s important for everyone to practice their social/physical distancing so no one will catch Covid-19 (I tweeted/wrote about this earlier on how the pandemic is creating new jobs in Hollywood – one of them being a Compliance Officer. This person makes sure that everyone is standing 6ft away from each other, washing their hands etc).

Technology will play an important role in this:

Riedel Introduces DisTag for Social Distancing

NB: That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. A safer set/sound stage for everyone.

2) Air

If you decide to head back to work at your office building, technology will be used to make sure you’re safe. For example, measuring how much fresh air is being pumped into the building (researchers are trying to figure out whether or not the office HVAC can spread COVID-19):

Office Buildings Are Becoming Greener Post-Coronavirus, Experts Say

3) Zombies love brains 🙂 

There is a link between exercise, your brain and its impact on you:

This Is Your Brain on Exercise


Stay at home workout

75 ideas (apps/workouts etc) = a better, 💪 you (see item #3):

Want To Get A Full Body Workout At Home? Here Are 75 Actually Fun Ideas for Making It Happen


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