Straight Talk With Nick (July)

Straight Talk With Nick is a monthly column where I write about things that are on my mind.

This month?

It’s about cell towers and how they work.

And how, by making sure the signals are processed more efficiently = faster download times for you (that’s how technology impacts the entertainment world. Faster download times = you can watch/read/communicate with each other faster. With no lag time)

What you want to focus on?

@vfiorese_ thoughts that follows my thread (his LinkedIn profile is here: Virgilio Fiorese (VICO)


A) Virgilio is a network engineer = expert in the field

B) after you read Virgilio’s explanation, you’ll understand the relationship between your smartphone and cell phone towers and

C) follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I can guarantee you’ll learn a lot from him. I always do.

Mistakes are mine


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