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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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1) It’s a cutout of you

In an earlier email newsletter, I wrote that companies were going to find a way to put their fan’s face on a cardboard cutout, place it in the stand and make money from this because of the pandemic (since fans won’t be attending the games).

It’s here:

Oakland A’s Charging Fans $89 For Cardboard Cutouts in Stands

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2) Your new jeans?

By 2022, your new jeans will:

1) “fight” viruses and bacteria

2) keep your comfortable from heat, repels water and oil

3) use less water (manufacturing) and

4) embed technology into the fabrics (eg: EKG to measure your heartbeat)

Why s/s 2022 fabrics will take care of us

3) Everyone is live streaming

Every industry is examining how technology impacts the entertainment world.


It’s the first industry that needs to adapt to technology (from standalone TV -> VCR tape (VCR machine) -> CD (computers) -> streaming (smartphone/tablets).

When you see others learning from the entertainment world, you know they “get it.”

L’Oréal Group bets on livestream shopping in North America


No stay at home workout today. Because I want you to relax during the July 4th weekend.

But here’s a bonus article for you to read.

The pandemic has changed everything in weeks. Not years.

Some of you might be thinking it’s time to change careers (the fastest way to do this? Look at the things you subscribe to: insurance premiums, banking, Netflix etc = it shows that you’re interested in their product = you might want to work for them) .

I hope this article gives you some ideas:

COVID-19 turned the workforce on its head. Why these Canadians are now looking to switch careers entirely



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