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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. Your mindset is the key to your success.


1) Robot chefs. Ok

Marketing 101.

Find a way to stand out from your competitors. So you can drown them out from a marketing/PR POV.

Here’s one way to stand out. Insert the word “robot” into your headline and see what happens (you can do the same by using the words: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, agile):

White Castle Hires Flippy the Robot for Pilot Program

NB: (1) at some point, companies will have to cut their costs post-pandemic because a lot of them have debt and not enough cash for their day-to-day operations. Using robots will be one of them. Guaranteed (2) yes, I would order fries from this robot chef. Cause I can’t see a robot getting this wrong. (3) your lesson for today? Always have cash on hand in case you get furloughed from your job.

2) Like the Windows patch updates but better

I’m not a big Windows fan. Why? The frequent updates I have to do on my PC desktop (that’s why I love using my iPad Pro. No monthly updates). The same thing applies to this Nokia idea – use software to update your old 4G cellphone tower into a newer, 5G one (there are three types of 5G radio waves/bands: low, medium and high. Nokia’s idea would apply to the low band = faster for your phone/cable company to use 5G technology without having to climb the towers and upgrade the antenna etc):

Nokia 5G software can upgrade 5 million 4G tower radios without climbs (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. Faster download speeds so you can enjoy listening to your favorite podcast, tv shows and movies. Ditto for playing games, messaging or answering emails).

3) Why do wired bridges sing?

It depends whether or not new railings have been installed?

Bridge Over Trebled Water: How The Golden Gate Bridge Started To Sing


Stay at home workout

It’s 7 minutes.

Everyone can spare 7 minutes:

Quarantine workout stay at home workout

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