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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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1) Gardens are your friends

I love my garden because it’s peaceful and filled with goji trees, plants and clover (I hate cinch bugs. That why I scattered clover seeds in the backyard. I know when I look at my backyard in 2 to 6 weeks, it’ll look green. Instead of patches of green and brown).

Since gardens can alter your mood (who can’t resist sitting on the patio in the early evening to read a book), some tips for you:

How to grow a mood-boosting garden

NB: This is your stay at home fitness workout tip for today – I want you to relax. And have a great weekend.

2) Is it real?

Your favorite fashion model could have been recreated using virtual reality (VR) and CGI (computer generated imagery; basically, a studio scans their body, And uses VR and CGI to recreate them in new commercials etc. Without the model leaving their home. Or visiting a studio).

Let’s take this further: no movies or tv shows being created because of the pandemic. Instead of using a human actor/host/hostess, all you have to do is scan their body. And recreate them using CGI/VR. As technology gets better, you won’t be able to figure out if it’s a human. Or CGI character (that’s tech’s impact on the entertainment world):

Elite World Group Reveals Virtual Talent Division

3) Breathe and relax

I could have written about the Xbox architecture (i.e. the processor) but I’ll leave you with this article on saltbox homes:

What Is a Saltbox House? Learn About This New England-Style Architecture

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