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Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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1) Anchors away

The next time you visit a mall who has lost their anchor store (eg: Sears, JC Penny etc), don’t be surprised that it’s been turned into a warehouse (fulfillment center):

Why Mall Landlords Are Turning Empty Anchors into Fulfillment Centers

P.S. As a Geography major, I’ve loved analyzing how the mall made me spend money (I wrote a paper on this. My professor was impressed). From the mall water displays to the food court, everything is calculated right down to the floor design so you’ll spend more money at the mall.

2) Dead phone battery?

If you think buying a newer smartphone (eg: the next Samsung one) will allow you to recharge your battery faster, you’re wrong (faster battery charging = faster dead battery):

Your Phone Is About to Charge a Lot Faster, but That Might Not Be a Good Thing

3) Up in the cloud

Let’s take this one further: you may assume that it’s costing more for your favorite streaming service to upload their shows and movies to the cloud as everyone is working from home (article is behind a paywall but the headline says it all):

Another Covid-19 Problem for Companies: All This Working From Home Isn’t Cheap

P.S. That’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. Making it more efficient by managing cloud costs (we talked about this in earlier newsletters how the cloud was important for the industry).


Stay at home workout

I could write down one for you but I went outside for a few minutes to set up my drip stations for the plants and I’m sweating (I did do Coach Wayne’s online fitness class today – it was abs day. Brutal, brutal abs day).

But here’s a bonus article for you to read:

How to Make Your Arguments Stronger (Hint: Longer Is Not the Answer) (Persuasion 101: keep your sentences short and simple).

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