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Happy Wednesday!

Here are the three (psssst…actually four because I love giving extras to my email subscribers) articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. Every day is an amazing day.


1) Cross it off your list

The best part of this pandemic? People are buying/using paper (paper!!) planners to organize their lives (article is behind a paywall):

Covid Spoiled Your Plans? Get a Planner, Say Devotees

P.S. This is one of the planners I use to plan my day:

2) That’s a farm?!?!

The next time you walk by a tall building, it could be a farm filled with growing vegetables (by growing them inside, you don’t have to worry about the weather or insects etc):

Vertical farming co. Kalera inks lease in Jackson-Shaw’s Parc 59 industrial development

3) No coding/programming experience needed

This is an interesting development. Flex used to appeal to the DIY coders who wanted a way to share their content with others (basically, uploading their favorite TV shows or movies so their friends and family can see them. For free).

Now? Flex is entering the streaming business (irony? Maybe but that’s how technology is impacting the entertainment world):

Plex: Everything You Need to Know About the Geek Platform Flexing for Mainstream Attention


Bonus post

I have a side gig supervising students for a test each month (don’t worry. My friend and I are creating a course to help them succeed. Details soon). I’m positive my co-workers are confused why I bring the extras – signs, nice tissues, pens, Post It Notes etc. Or why I keep testing new guest (I’m borrowing from Disney) techniques to make sure the exam starts and ends on time.

The answer?

I have a strategic mindset. The one that asks “can I do this better? More efficiently? That saves time and money?”

More details here (this skill can be learned):

A strategic mindset: An orientation toward strategic behavior during goal pursuit

P.S. Even though this is geared towards reaching your goal(s), you can use this mindset to help you improve you life.

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