The Three. Le Trois. El Tres

Hi there!

Happy Thursday!

As I type this, it’s cloudy outside (the rain has stopped).

But here are the three articles that caught my eye!

I love you all!



P.S Those who think on their feet are running the show.


1) Ice cream

I can eat this all day but there’s a science behind it (the article is behind a paywall but the minute you see the word physics, you know it’s kind of cool):

The Balancing Act That Gives Us Ice Cream

P.S. This is my favorite ice cream recipe (I took a nutrition seminar from Coach Kathy when I was training for half and full marathons. I learned a lot from her. And thank you Coach Kristy for introducing her to me):

Try This Refreshing Strawberry Banana ‘Ice Cream’ For Canada Day

2) What’s COBOL?

COBOL is a programming language. And it’s used when companies and government’s haven’t updated their computer mainframes or started using the cloud for their IT. On the positive side, if you want a programming job, your COBOL skills will be in demand:

Top Programming Languages 2020

3) Parts of a wheel

Focus on all the technology being used when you watch your favorite news or sporting event.

You’ll be amazed.

And that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment industry.

Transforming it in five months. Instead of five years:

Tech Vendors Face Uncharted Waters


Stay at home workout

Clean out your closet.

If you can’t, hire a therapist (the article is behind a paywall but the headline says it all):

Is Your Closet a Mess? Call These Therapist

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