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P.S. Tiny steps = progress


1) I ❤️ 🍕

I can eat pizza all day and night.

And it has the perfect combination of carbs and protein that’ll give me the energy I need to push through my workouts.

In case you need some pizza ideas (toppings, dough, etc):

Make some dough: the secrets of perfect homemade pizza

2) A studio on every block

Technology’s impact on the entertainment world?

  • More shows for you to watch
  • You can use your favorite app (eg: Netflix) to download, save and watch your shows right now or later on
  • You can watch when or wherever you want as long as you have wifi, a good Internet or wireless connection and
  • Commercial real estate investors start building or investing in companies that own sound stages etc. Why? More shows need to be created:

Blackstone Building Its Next Empire: Studio Space For Streaming Companies

3) What can’t AI (artificial intelligence) do?

#techforgood (the article is behind a paywall but the headline says it all):

AI Is a New Weapon in the Battle Against Counterfeits


Stay at home workout

Personally, mine is figuring out how to reseed the lawns in my front and back yards because I had chinch bug damage (see photo; it’s been a warm summer. It hasn’t rained a lot. Since chinch bugs love dry lawns with a lot of thatch on top = lawn damage. So far? I’ve aerated both lawns. And placed compost/enriched soil on top. For the back yard, I sowed some clover seeds since the chinch bugs hates it).

For you?

Grab a set of dumbbells (or 2L soda pop container, 4L vinegar containers etc). Start building your arm muscles:

The Best Home Dumbbell Workouts

P.S. Here’s the photo of my back yard:

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