The Three. Le Trois. El Tres


Happy FriYaY!

Have a great weekend!

I love you all!



P.S. Push to be better. Coach Wayne


1) Summer fashion

Tye die shirts.

Strawberry dresses and

Coddies. (flip flops in the shape of a fish)

2) Food pivot

From restaurants to food/ghost kitchen, that’s how the pandemic is changing your restaurant habits and the restauranteurs:

Telecommuting to Hit Restaurant and Hospitality Industries in Canada for the Foreseeable Future

3) Connected together

I wrote about virtual production in an earlier email newsletter (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world. Where a producer living in Antarctica can communicate with the graphics people in NYC using the Internet and a virtual product software).

Studios Ramp Up Virtual Production Efforts Amid Pandemic-Era Filming

P.S. Focus on the software. Not the hardware.


Stay at home workout

If it’s not warm where you live, you can do this outside.

If it’s the opposite, your basement/living room in your condo will work:

5 rounds:

20 jumping jacks

20 chest press (use two medium weights/2L soda bottles/4L vinegar bottles or anything around your home)

20 renegade rows.

That’s it!

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