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Is it Wednesday?


Yes it is (do a happy dance to celebrate)!

Here are the three articles that caught my eye!

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P.S. It’s a great day to be alive (say this to yourself each morning before you wake up = you’ll have the proper mindset to take on the day)


Stay at home workout

Don’t forget to sit up straight at your desk (posture is important. These exercises will help you improve it):

At this very moment, what does your posture look like?

And bonus article – in case you’re wondering when there will be enough gym equipment on sale, think 2021:

Gym closures are leading to shortages of at-home workout equipment


CMO (Chief Memes Officer)

Memes are videos, pictures etc that people send to each other on the Internet.

If you want a CMO job, Bud Light Seltzer is hiring:

Bud Light Seltzer seeks ‘chief meme officer’ to grow online clout


Work from Home, the world edition

I wrote about this earlier but let’s update the country list to include Barbados (the short summary? Countries that depend on tourism are being creative. They are creating visas for digital nomads that allows them to live up to 12 months = money that goes back into their economies):

Why Work From Home When You Can Work From Barbados, Bermuda or … Estonia?

NB: if you think about it, everyone is a digital nomad. Because we’re working from home and using the Internet to access the tools we need to get our tasks done.


Your world? It’s an app

Even though the article is focused on the telco/cable world (most of them own cell phone companies. Eg: AT&T or Rogers), the entertainment world needs to realize that  everything is an app. That’s why they need to invest in technology so people can play your video games or watch your sports or entertainment programs (that’s technology’s impact on the entertainment world – turning everything into an app):

Mobile network operators face app tsunami

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