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P.S. If you’re working in any industry, you need to prepare for the holiday crunch. Now.

P.P.S. See you at 2PM ET for #AIChat (a 10-15 minute max Twitter chat on artificial intelligence). Look for my Twitter handle (see above) or search for #AIChat. Talking how artificial intelligence will impact the life sciences world. 


Stay at home workout

If it’s nice outside, walk around the block to get some fresh air.



I love to bring you ideas from other industries to see if you can apply them at your work or in your life.

In this case, if everyone is afraid to visit the mall inside (because no one is sure whether or not the mall has increased it’s cleaning protocols or they’re scared of breathing recycled air etc), why not bring the mall outside so everyone is safe?

Mall Owners Try Open-Air Pop-Ups to Help Retailers Survive


Interview with an artificial intelligence (AI) software.

I will see if I can book the software as my guest for #AIChat (it’s a 10-15 minute chat on artificial intelligence on Twitter. Where my guest(s) helps everyone figure out how AI will impact their work. Or life). And if I do, it will be an interesting chat.

Your key idea? AI complements, don’t replace you.

We Asked an A.I. Five Advertising Questions. Here’s What It Said


Technology’s impact on the entertainment world

Expect to see better graphics (weather forecasts, election results) when your local newsroom combines augmented reality and real time data reporting (that’s how you stand out from your competitors. With information your audience can see):

Upping The Election AR And Graphics Game



In case you want more interdisciplinary analysis (linking the retail world to the entertainment one). When you click on my tweet, you’ll see the whole thing. 

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