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P.S. Every day is a blessing. Coach Wayne 

P.P.S. There are 18 Mondays left until the end of 2020. You need to start sprinting to the finish line.


Stay at home workout

Fill your knapsack full of books (don’t forget to close it).

Put on the knapsack.

Do the following:

40 squats

40 thrusters

40 upright rows (you’ll need a two separate 2L soda bottles or weights)

Do this 2x.


Mmmmmm…pizza farm

From farm to your plate.


Where the Produce Includes Pepperoni: The Pizza Farm

NB. The pandemic has changed your life (personal and work). And the way businesses are evolving to get more clients.


Game on. With artificial intelligence (AI)?

Tennis thrives on crowd noises. More than any other sport in my opinion (because there’s only 2 or 4 players on the court. Which makes it hard to generate any interest in the game).

Since no one is attending any live sports games in North America because of the pandemic, you need to include some crowd noises so your TV audience can keep watching.

This is where AI comes in – the software can examine all the past games. And figure out where to insert the audience noise during the game.

That’s also technology’s impact on the entertainment world (it’s been an interesting year so far):

Is AI part of the new sports media landscape?


Sales lesson 101

Don’t forget to include social media if you’re selling something.

Seven in 10 US Adults Haven’t Bought Anything via Social

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